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We test the latest software and videos games.


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We test the latest hardware, computers, printers, and more.


Software Testing & QA Services

QA Services by nResult provides software and hardware project support that acts an extension of your internal team. Our qualified and knowledgeable engineers work within your established processes and teams to help you meet project demands.

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Compatibility Testing

Functionality Testing

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Performance Testing

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“We often tap nResult QA engineers to smooth out our software release testing demands. Their engineers are fast, flexible, and versatile and we enjoy having access to their help. They adapt readily to our working methodologies and power through the testing needed. Vernier teams use Scrum and are a discerning lot; feedback for nResult engineers is very positive. I can recommend engaging nResult for integration into your Scrum teams and supplementing your testing team to get things verified and out the door.”

Donald BosartSoftware QA Manager, Vernier

“We have been using nResult as our primary testing partner for over ten years and we couldn’t be more happy. Our security products must operate on a wide variety of hardware and software platforms. The folks at nResult always have the tools and ‘know how’ to get the testing done. Flexibility is a key for us during the testing process. We have found that off days in the testing process works for us so we have a chance to find and fix bugs. nResult has always been willing to work with us during the testing period to make sure we are happy with the end product.”