Performance Testing

We provide load, stress, and performance testing for software, applications, and websites. We can help you understand everything from average page response time to maximum user loads to potential bottle necks in your systems architecture.

Our cloud-based solutions provide a cost-effective and efficient way to handle modern load, performance, and stress tests. Our performance computer lab assembled and integrated over 1000 computers which can orchestrates hundreds of thousands of task. This allows unprecedented flexibility for testing while conforming to the majority of our client’s security and regulatory obligations.

With the nResult Cloud you can:

  • Determine the capacity of your current systems
  • Identify network and infrastructure problems
  • Tackle load balancing problems
  • Recognize bandwidth problems
  • Isolate server capacity problems
  • Understand system wide performance (average page response time) problems

The nResult Cloud provides a cost-effective solution to:

  • Fine-tune your product and/or its operating environment
  • Optimize response time and resource usage
  • Verify marketing claims or set price points
  • Compare the performance of a product to a competing software or industry standard
  • Set and improve production standards
  • Identify areas of improvement opportunities
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Incredible user experiences

require a flawless performance.

For your software, mobile app, or website to have an incredible user experience it must perform well under stress. We verify server capacity, load-time, performance, and more to ensure your customers have an incredible experience.

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Resources We Use for Testing Performance

We use the following resources to educate and train our junior QA engineers. We invite you to use these same resources to learn more about performance testing and how it can help improve your product’s user experience and customer satisfaction.