Accessibility Testing

We provide accessibility testing to measure your product’s ability to be easily customized or modified for users with disabilities. We test to ensure users can change input and output features, keyboard features, screen colors, sounds, zoom in on text and images, and more.

Accessibility Testing can help you determine the following:

  • Compliance– How your product complies with legal requirements regarding accessibility
  • Effectiveness– How fast users with disabilities can use your product to accomplish basic and complex tasks
  • Usefulness– The likelihood that users with disabilities will want to use your product again because it meets their needs and expectations
  • Satisfaction– How appealing your product is to users with disabilities

If you are doing business with a U.S. government agency, it is a requirement. On December 21, 2000 The Access Board, a US government agency, issued guidelines for accessibility of information technology under section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. These guidelines require that Federal departments and agencies create web sites and other information technology that is accessible to people with disabilities, such as the blind and the mobility-impaired. This also affects agencies that contract with the Federal government as they are required to follow section 508 rules.

Accessibility Testing will help you accomplish the following:

  • Fulfills legal obligations
  • Make your product available to millions of people who have a disability
  • Increase revenue from increased Web site traffic and product purchases
  • Increase customer satisfaction

What will Accessibility Testing uncover in my products?

  • Legal issues
  • Effectiveness issues
  • Functionality issues
  • Satisfaction issues and potential causes of user frustration
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All customers deserve the

best possible user experience.

The purpose of accessibility testing is to pinpoint problems within products and websites which may otherwise prevent users from accessing the information they are searching for. Eliminate poor user experiences and increase positive customer satisfaction through accessibility testing.

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Resources We Use for Testing Accessibility

We use the following resources to educate and train our junior QA engineers. We invite you to use these same resources to learn more about accessibility testing and how it can help improve your app’s user experience and customer satisfaction.