Test Management

In the light of dynamic organizational needs and the challenges hardware and software testing poses today, effective test management has acquired immense significance. While developers are faced with the demand of developing and delivering multiple applications and products simultaneously, harmonizing team effort and client requirements with technology, tools, and implementation calls for greater coordination. Test management services help recruit the best manpower and skills, select the latest tools and technology, streamline the testing process, and optimize resources.

nResult Focus on Real-Time Hardware and Software Test Management
nResult hardware and software test management services adopt best practices, and put in place a customized test management strategy. With expertise in real-time test management, we focus on selecting the best test management methodology, test design and cases, and tools while defining, assessing, and following the highest quality parameters throughout the process.

Test Cases Management & Strategy
The nResult hardware and software test management process assesses and integrates all types of testing activities and empowers their swift progress toward the set goal accomplishment. Right from planning to execution and delivery, our test management strategy ensures that the best tools and right skills are employed and there is no backtracking when confronted with technological bottlenecks. Focused on planning and execution, our hardware and software test management services assure perfect coordination between test asset relationships, considering client business objectives and budget. Our proficiency in dependency tracking and testing tools allow us to design flawless test plans and utilize resources to their optimal use. The hardware and software test management strategy is comprehensive enough to accommodate a perfect combination of open source and commercial tools to reduce costs and enhance compatibility while managing software roles, responsibilities, and quality.

Test Design & Approach
At nResult we listen to the needs of our customers and produce applications streamlined for individual needs. Flexibility, timeliness, and quality, and performance are at the core of our approach towards creating customized designs for our customers. Our ability to use the latest Behavioral Modeling technique improves quality of testing while allowing the testing process to have the maximum possible coverage. nResult project managers and testing professionals believe in an actionable approach that promises assured robustness and functional consistency of the application as well as a satisfying end user experience.

Test Models & Planning
With years of experience in testing and hardware and software test management services, our experts help clients define test goals, select models, and plan the test activity within their budget and schedule. nResult also assists client engineering teams to streamline test planning and models, design requirements precisely, and generate data sets based on individual business-specific logic. Our experience and knowledge in hardware and software test management also allows us to identify the best test scenario through customized test cases, wider risk projection and analysis, well-defined regression set goals, schedule planning, efficient project management, and detailed reporting.

Test Process
Managing the test process without any fuss and ensuring that it is conducted smoothly is the most vital element of hardware and software test management. Empowered with a standardized test process, nResult hardware and software test management services put emphasis on adherence to the master test plan. Focus is on quality, cost, timeliness, business goals, and other vital parameters while the test strategy, planned schedule, and test specifications remain central to the validation process.

Test Team & Communication
Proactive communication and daily reporting are part and parcel of nResult hardware and software test management services. We are fully aware that the most excellent professionals and tools cannot assure the best possible result in the absence of effective communication with customers. Clients are apprised of the testing progress at every stage and their feedback is given due consideration. We have experienced management professionals and analysts to complement our technical experts and test engineers, all working in a lab environment with the latest tools and equipment.

Testing Estimation
nResult’s more than 20 years of experience enables us to make very accurate time and cost estimation in advance. The nResult test management team is aware of rapid top-down testing estimation and have the competencies to outline the pros and cons of various testing models. Our bottom-up estimating techniques helps breaking down the work structure, while keeping in mind the testing goals, and the unique nature of hardware, software, and test control activities. This allows us to balance resources, time, and efforts needed to accomplish a specific testing task.

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