Test Automation

We provide test automation services for software, mobile applications, and websites. Our automation process helps reduce test time and enhances the quality of testing through an affordable means. We leverage a variety of tools and technologies that allow us to develop effective solutions tailored to your product’s needs.

Our team uses a combination of licensed and open source automation tools. Because of our versatile approach, we can quickly customize test plans to your specific project requirements for products at any stage of development.

Automation Methodology
Our methodology and framework is conditioned to help you make optimum use of resources, best practices, and tools. Our engineers deliver automation solutions for unit testing, functional testing, and performance testing.

Automation Testing Tools
We choose the tools that are right for your project. We are adept at using various types of open source automation tools, including:

  • Functional test automation tools, such as QTP, Compuware, Selenium, Winrunner, Test Complete, Watir, Canoo, and AutoIt.
  • Performance testing automation tools, such as Loadrunner, Webload, Microsoft ACT, WAPT, OPENSTA, and Jmeter.

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Provide an incredible user

experience to your customers.

Your user experience is paramount to your product’s success or failure. Quickly assess your software, application, or website with test automation. Find and alleviate bugs and errors to provide a better user experience.

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Resources We Use for Automation

We use the following resources to educate and train our junior QA engineers. We invite you to use these same resources to learn more about test automation and how it can help improve your product’s user experience and customer satisfaction.