Infrequent hardware testing needs forced this digital projection leader to maintain a costly internal testing lab that was shuttered most of the time. Now, working with nResult provides InFocus access to broad platform diversity and considerable savings.


Based in Wilsonville, Oregon, InFocus is a premiere developer of high-performance digital projectors for business, home, and the classroom. Producing and validating projection units for diverse uses and audiences meant that InFocus faced highly sporadic hardware testing needs.



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Faced with a need to test its latest projectors on a diverse suite of hardware and software configurations, InFocus maintained and staffed a complete onsite testing facility. Unfortunately, with projector validation requirements averaging only a few hours each week, this lab went unused a majority of the time. This minimal usage made it difficult to justify continual software and hardware and updates and the engineering staff required to maintain lab facilities. For InFocus, the drain on resources was plainly visible. At the same time, InFocus leadership recognized the vital importance of comprehensive product validation against diverse hardware and software configurations. InFocus began the search for an alternative to their internal testing lab. They soon discovered nResult and their nearby Vancouver, Washington testing facility.

Partnering with nResult enables InFocus to test their digital projection hardware against an incomparably diverse range of hardware and software configurations. From legacy desktops and notebooks to the latest multi-core processor-powered PC and Mac platforms, nResult delivers the confidence that comes with broad-scope hardware validation. But hardware is only part of the story; terabytes of software configurations including all incremental versions of Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems mean that nResult can offer InFocus access to more unique platform configurations than InFocus could ever reasonably maintain in their internal testing lab.

Proprietary automated testing processes mean that nResult engineers can configure a testing lab suited to InFocus requirements in a matter of hours. And because salaried, knowledgeable nResult engineers are available both onsite and offsite, InFocus has achieved significant savings. With nResult, InFocus can reduce pressure on internal testing resources while gaining access to an unmatched variety of hardware and software configurations backed by knowledgeable, experienced engineers available at a moment’s notice.