Provider of revolutionary software for business and personal financial management relies on a longstanding relationship with nResult for experienced engineers and flexible testing facilities.


As a leading provider of business and financial management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, financial institutions, consumers and accounting professionals, Intuit’s widely recognized software products include TurboTax, QuickBooks and Quicken. Fortune Magazine consistently ranks Intuit in the top 3 as one of America’s most admired software companies, and in 2006, 2007 and 2009 they were ranked at the very top.



What We Did

QA Services


Intuit software products are legendary not only for their usability, but also their functionality. To fully leverage these strengths, Intuit directs resources heavily toward development, opting to rely on contractor support for final testing and software quality validation. To make the most of this approach, Intuit needed a well-qualified, outsourced software testing and validation team who could—on short notice—engage and perform intense and comprehensive build testing. Upon completion, this team would be placed on standby until completion of the next build. Given these requirements, Intuit needed a well-qualified testing provider able to engage frequently for short periods—without the associated training time and costs associated with typical temporary engineering support. Intuit found this and more with nResult.

Working with nResult enables Intuit to send software builds out for intense, dedicated testing to a group of pre-qualified engineers and a pre-configured testing lab. Since nResult maintains a stable talent pool of salaried, in-house engineers—virtually all of whom have worked on an Intuit project at one time or another—Intuit retains a valuable source of outside process knowledge, available on demand. By working with nResult, Intuit gains access not only to qualified engineers who understand their unique processes, but also a testing facility that can be configured to fit their needs within hours. The result? A new way to accommodate testing demands that are anything but even.