Staffing to accommodate unpredictable peak project demands meant that engineers on HP’s printer team were either drastically overworked or painfully underutilized. With nResult’s revolutionary approach to flexible contract-free project support, HP can easily accommodate shifting project demands.


With past product offerings that include the world’s first desktop laser printer, Hewlett-Packard’s printer division maintains a longstanding dedication to innovation and product leadership. To help maintain these advances, HP relies on flexible engineering support from nResult to enable them to accommodate irregular and often unpredictable project demands.



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Facing an unpredictable and uneven product release cycle for their product line, HP’s printer group faced a common dilemma: staffing for peak project demands meant suffering inefficiencies during inevitable low points in the project cycle. Add to this the very real prospect of project demands increasing unexpectedly with virtually no advance notice and it’s easy to see why HP was unable to rely upon traditional contractor or consultant approaches and their necessary, but highly inefficient training needs. Searching for an alternative to hiring fulltime engineers or contractors, HP discovered nResult and their revolutionary approach to flexible engineering support.

Like traditional contract-based engineering support services, nResult was able to offer HP well-qualified engineers from a pool of talented candidates. Unlike traditional contract-based engineering support services, these engineers remained full-time, salaried employees of nResult before, during and after their time at HP. Since nResult never requires long-term contracts or commitments, HP can dismiss one or all of their nResult engineers when project demands decline.

Since nResult maintains a pool of long-term, salaried engineers, when HP’s project needs increase months or years later, they can return and take advantage of the training invested in nResult’s broad virtual talent pool. As an added advantage, nResult accepts responsibility for cross-training their engineers on HP processes. Because of this, nResult can provide HP with one or more engineers familiar with their unique processes and procedures at a moment’s notice. The benefits for HP are significant; they now have a readily available source for engineering support available at short notice. Working with nResult means HP can better accommodate unexpected—and inevitable—shifts in project demands.