Facing tight project deadlines, Columbia Ultimate needed supplemental engineers able to work seamlessly with the processes and personalities of their established team.


As a leading provider of complete debt recovery solutions, Columbia Ultimate helps clients in the collections, government, and healthcare segments increase cash flow, reduce operating costs and streamline operations. Central to Columbia Ultimate’s complete line of collections products are their software offerings: The Collector System and ManageMed. Dedicated to innovation, Columbia Ultimate relies upon temporary project support to overcome shifting project demands.


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While developing their latest application, tight deadlines forced Columbia Ultimate to find qualified engineers on a moment’s notice. From past experience, Columbia Ultimate knew that locating experienced, knowledgeable temporary engineers could take months. And after the hire, there was always the lingering question as to whether a temporary contractor with suitable experience could integrate effectively with the existing Columbia Ultimate project team. Based upon these pressures, the typical contractor-based approach would not work.

When Columbia Ultimate approached nResult requesting immediate, qualified project support, nResult turned to their proprietary process management system to identify the ideal nResult engineer for the job. With capabilities extending far beyond a traditional corporate intranet, nResult’s custom system provides a single channel for everything from client communications to project planning and execution to employee management and metrics tracking. For nResult clients, this comprehensive and constantly updating repository translates into greater responsiveness and shorter project ramp-up times. With this versatile intranet, nResult was able to provide the ideal engineer, given Columbia Ultimate’s needs, all in a few mouse clicks. And since the engineer possessed related knowledge, training requirements for Columbia Ultimate were reduced.

With expectations regarding salary, benefits, vacation time and more controlled by nResult, both the nResult engineer and Columbia Ultimate staff are free to focus on the job at hand, resulting in a more productive and collaborative atmosphere. For Columbia Ultimate, having nResult engineers available at a moment’s notice is like having well-qualified employees constantly on call—a capability unmatched by traditional contract labor. And since nResult employees remain salaried before, during and after the project, when Columbia Ultimate returns to nResult one month or years later, they can request their same nResult engineer—or another engineer cross-trained on their specific processes. The bottom line for Columbia Ultimate is less repeat training and a highly effective temporary engineer who works well with their processes and employees.